Description of Business:                                                     

                                   We provide the pickup and delivery of goods: 
                                           Transportation of freight, 
                                   general delivery and long haul delivery. 
                                                     Our keys to success are: 
                                             Business expertise of operators: 
                                            Having a loyal customer base: 
                                             Access to niche markets: 
                               Maintenance of excellent customer relations: 

We do it for the Family

Go Hard or go Home,,  No Excuses!    


 Bobby Skidmore Jr.
Bobby has 6 years as an independent owner operator, 8 years driving experience, and 6+ years as a business manager at service stations. 

Long-Distance Freight Trucking 

Truckload carriers dedicate full trucks to one customer and make door-to-door deliveries of goods and services. 

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